This Learn to Code package lets you decide how much to learn — and your price.

There are occasions when you really do have to make a firm decision about your level of commitment. Are you just going to have a few slices — or are you committed to downing that entire large pizza yourself? Is the small YOLO tattoo enough — or are you going for the full-body tattoo with inked eyeballs? Are you in? Or are you REALLY in?

The same can be said about learning any life skill, especially a skill like coding, which can have a profound effect on your career in the future. If you're finally ready to add coding to your bucket list, the Build a Bundle: The 2021 Ultimate Learn to Code Training offers users the chance to determine their own level of learning commitment. Whether you want to go with a light introduction that highlights the basics of programming, or you want to jump in with both feet and learn everything, users can tailor the training package that best fits their needs.

And just to get you hooked, the overview on what it means to be a real programmer comes completely free. The "dabbler" package includes only three courses, but they're three critical courses covering an in-depth understanding of CSS, JavaScript, and HTML, all core programming languages at the root of any IT professional's job. 

Of course, once learners have devoured these three one-hour courses, they'll likely be looking for more. The five-course collection ($3) includes an assortment of learning aimed at those interested in video game creation, particularly on the popular Unity game engine platform. Here, students will learn all the inside scoop on building games in Unity, featuring hands-on lessons in making tank, ninja survival, and Zelda and 3D Portals clone games, as well as how to use artificial intelligence in your creations.

Stepping up to the 10-course level ($8) expands the training to feature more than 100 hours of instruction in Java, Python, and Matplotlib, with all the knowledge needed to build your own websites and apps from scratch. Then there's the 15-course package ($10), which expands on the 10-course set with another 30-plus hour of instruction in such specialized areas as using Amazon Honeycode, Selenium, Flutter, and Dart in your web and app development projects.

Finally, there's the whole enchilada — the 25-course mega-pack ($15) that includes everything from the previous four sets, as well as a few extra surprises like a 50-hour session in creating your own battle royale-style multiplayer online game; and how to use data science in handle stocks, organizing data in Microsoft Excel, and even tackling machine learning.

This entire package is usually a $99 value, but right now, even the most expansive version of this training collection is over 80 percent off its regular price.

Prices subject to change.