Get a taste of the elusive black truffle in this awesome array of truffle-infused gourmet foods

Look, there's nothing wrong with cooking with the standard ingredients that you pick up during your weekly jaunt to the local grocery store. They're often high-quality foods at reasonable prices that everyone can judge favorably. But every once in a while, you need to kick out the jams and swing for the culinary fences. That could mean a little Kobe beef or high-end liquor to zhuzh up an important meal, but how about this: black truffles?

Yep, black truffles. Grown in France and damn near impossible to grow, harvest, and ship, the uniquely chocolatey, nutty, and earthy flavor of a black truffle is one of the most exotic ingredients on the planet, selling for $250 a pound and even enlisting the help of dogs to sniff them out. Trufflin is here to help by democratizing gourmet food, so they're offering a whole host of everyday mixes and sauces, each infused with the otherworldly taste of the elusive black truffle. 

It starts with Organic Truffle-Infused Olive Oil ($44 after code TRUFFLE6), which comes in two amazing types. Chefs can choose from a white truffle oil using estate-grown Italian extra-virgin oil infused with aromatic white truffle essence from Alba, or a black truffle oil infused with black winter truffles from Provence.

Or go for a little extra kick with the Trufflin Black Truffle Infused Sriracha Hot Sauce with Real Black Truffles ($33.99 after code TRUFFLE6), all served up in a limited edition gift box. Great for fries, pasta, risotto, eggs, and more, this gluten-free, keto-friendly, hot chili sauce is produced in small batches blending premium fermented chili peppers, spices, hibiscus, and cold-pressed olive oil naturally infused with umami-packed black truffle flavor.

When one taste isn't enough, the Trufflin Sriracha and Organic Ranch VIP Set ($52.99 after code TRUFFLE7) combines two sauces. In addition to the searing Sriracha flavor, this pack also includes a 8.5 oz. bottle of Black Truffle Ranch, which is made with all organic ingredients like organic sunflower oil and natural preservatives, all in service to a complex balance between the organic herb and spice blend, and the earthiness of the black truffle. That makes it an inspired charged for more elevated dishes like baked fish or rack of lamb.

If this whole black truffle thing is truly your jam, the Trufflin Organic Black Truffle Ranch, Buffalo and Cold-Pressed Sriracha Trio Gift Set ($64.95 after code TRUFFLE10) makes it 3-for-3, allowing the Sriracha and Ranch blends to be joined by a zesty Buffalo concoction. Blending chipotle peppers with all-natural ingredients like raw organic honey, roasted garlic, peppers, and the signature truffle olive oil, your wings will never taste the same.

And finally, the Trufflin 4-Piece VIP Gift Set ($100 after code TRUFFLE25) bundles the Sriracha and Olive Oil with two new additions, 3.5 oz. of Truffle Gourmet Salt infused with that same black truffle zest; and Truffle Provencal Honey, which combines the honey's natural sweetness with the deep, earthy flavors of the black truffle.

Right now, you can save on each of these offerings from Trufflin by using the code TRUFFLE6, TRUFFLE7, TRUFFLE10, or TRUFFLE25 during checkout to get up to $25 off each of these gourmet purchases.

Prices subject to change.