New ad gaslights Donald Trump like a bad dream, where McConnell is the villain

"People Are Saying…" is a new Lincoln Project ad that gaslights Donald Trump in the most hilarious way. As a narrator questions Trump's standing with his base, suggesting he's losing control to Mitch McConnell, nightmarish whispers – or Trump's paranoid psyche – are injected throughout.

"Does Mitch call the shots now, Donald?" the narrator asks. Followed by a whisper: Yes he does!

"He says he runs the Republican party, the party you built." He's the boss now.

"He's even taking shots at you. When did Mitch overpower you?" No power.

As the narrator keeps trolling Trump, his breathless subconscious keeps chiming in. He's in charge. No control. You can't beat him. Loser.

"You're losing your base." the narrator sums up. And Trump's takeaway? They've forgotten you.