Spectator who caused Tour de France crash has been captured by police

[Update 6/30/21 7:11am PT – News reports incorrectly said the woman fled the country. French police captured her and she is in police custody.]

The spectator who caused the monumental pileup during the Tour de France seems to have fled the country. According to Ouest-France, the spectator, thought to be a German woman, has boarded a plane and is currently untraceable.

The deputy director of the Tour de France, Pierre-Yves Thouault, told AFP that they plan to sue the woman "so that the tiny minority of people who do this don't spoil the show for everyone."

The woman was apparently holding up a cardboard sign with a message for her grandparents, according to CBS. The sign blocked part of the road, causing German cyclist Tony Martin to ride right into it, setting off a domino effect for the cyclists behind him.