This $11 Switchmate Power turns any wall outlet into a smart home hub

There's a case to be made that your home has now become smarter than you are. Sure, you're the one paying the bills, but with the rise of web-enabled tech spread across every corner of your home, there's probably more digital thinking going on within your four walls today than you ever realized.

And now, even the walls themselves are pretty darn bright. The Switchmate Power is a simple plug-in device that instantly turns your average, everyday electrical outlets into uber-brilliant smart trackers of home energy, making virtually anything you've got plugged in into its own smart device.

The Switchmate Power is incredibly simple. Users plug it into a standard AC wall outlet and it essentially turns that electrical feed into a WiFi-controlled hub that you can control from essentially anywhere.

Once it's synced to the SimplyHome Smart app, you've got loads of smart home-powered options for any device you plug in. Through the app, users can monitor or even start lights, appliances, and more right from your phone. You can also schedule multiple timers so any device can fire up or power down whenever you want, all automatically.

In fact, the Switchmate Power is so smart that it's even controllable via voice commands with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. If you want your lights to fire up just before you get home each evening or to brew you a fresh pot of coffee every morning, the programmability of this outlet makes it happen. Plus, the outlet also includes a pair of USB ports to power up nearby devices — and there's even a nifty little built-in nightlight to softly illuminate any room.

Best of all, this type of smart home upgrade can happen without any replacements or rewiring necessary. Just plug it in — and you're off and running.

Right now, the Switchmate Power Dual Smart Power Outlet is also ridiculously inexpensive, a $39 device on sale at over 70 percent off the regular price, down to just $10.99.

Prices subject to change