This hand-cranked American Red Cross emergency radio is just $50

There's no more dependable organization for disaster preparedness than the American Red Cross. So you can rest assured that if they put their name on a product, it's an item that has been properly vetted and found to be of vital importance in the event of an emergency.

You can also be assured that making the right disaster prep decisions now can pay huge, even life-saving dividends later when a disaster truly strikes. That's why having a foundational piece like the American Red Cross Multi-Powered Weather Alert Radio might just save your life when the chips are finally down.

First, this sturdy, yet resourceful emergency radio doesn't require traditional power or even typical batteries to operate. In fact, the large ergonomic hand crank right on the radio is all you need to juice up this radio and tap into its AM, FM, or any of its seven onboard NOAA or Environment Canada Weather bands for emergency broadcasts.

You get superior audio quality designed to reproduce clear, crisp sound far better than typical static-filled broadcasts. And unlike those imprecise analog tuners on other models, the easy-to-adjust digital tuner here can get you right to the exact dial position you want. When the radio is in Alert mode, it will automatically broadcast emergency weather alerts for a given area, including hurricanes and severe storms.

The radio itself would be valuable enough, but this model also includes an integrated LED flashlight, as well as a flashing beacon if you need to call for help. In addition to the hand turbine, this radio can also power up through its built-in solar panel, which helps fill the 2600mAh battery. In a pinch, this radio can also be used as a power distributor itself with its own USB port for charging a smartphone or other important device. 

Right now, those interested in being ready for the worst can even save $10 off the price of the American Red Cross Multi-Powered Weather Alert Radio. Regularly $59, it's available now for just $49.99.

Prices subject to change