Bathroom with bed inside listed as "micro studio" apartment for rent in Vancouver

A "micro studio" apartment in Vancouver's desirable West End neighborhood was listed on Craigslist for $680/month. It's a perfect spot for someone "who does not need much space" and the bed is conveniently located in the same room as the toilet, sink, and shower. Unfortunately, the zero bedroom/one bathroom unit has since been removed from Craigslist likely because it violated city codes. From Vancouver is Awesome:

That space, all 160 square feet of it, is less than what the City of Vancouver defines as a rental micro-dwelling unit at a minimum of 23.23 square meters (250 sq. ft.)[…]

"Bathrooms must be physically separated from the remainder of the unit by partitions and a door to ensure privacy and to isolate noise and odours," the guidelines state.