Astonishing aerial view of Hong Kong's public housing towers

Aerial photographer and filmmaker Toby Harriman turned his lens on the soaring public housing apartment block towers in Hong Kong. Read the rest

Origami cranes become gorgeous installation art

According to Culture N Lifestyle, French designers Maxime Derrouch, Typhaine Le Goff, and Emeline Marty created this installation for the Architectures Vives Festival. It joins together modern and ancient styles while linking art with architecture. The mirror on the floor acts like a pool and adds more dimension to the space.

You can find a full set of photos on Culture N Lifestyle. Read the rest

Photo gallery of people living in tiny rooms in Tokyo

Photographer Won Kim (Instagram) took these photos of people living in a "downscale version" of a Japanese capsule hotel. They are basically sleeping / privacy burrows for urban dwellers. I wonder how much they pay in rent? Read the rest

Three Friends, a Breakdown, and a Lawsuit

Two and a half years ago, James Siddle moved to London for a new job; in two weeks time, he'll be moving out to a small town in the country, defeated.