Safeway supermarket in San Francisco reports 160 shopping carts stolen in last month

We've posted about the rash of incredibly brazen retail theft at San Francisco area Walgreens stores. But it isn't just that particular retail chain. Last week, most of the Target stores in the city cut their open hours to 9am to 6pm in response to massive increases in theft. But it isn't just stuff on shelves that's getting snatched from San Francisco stores. One popular Safeway supermarket in the heart of the city now reports 160 shopping carts have been stolen from the store in the past month. As a result, they've moved the remaining carts inside and don't permit them to leave the store. From SFGate:

Wendy Gutshall, a spokesperson for the grocery chain, confirmed the change in shopping cart availability was an attempt to combat rising theft at the store, and that customers will be required to ask for assistance if they'd like an employee to help them take their groceries to their car. 

"Like other retailers, the disappearance of shopping carts is an ongoing challenge," Gutshall told Hoodline. "We continue to explore solutions to address and send additional shopping carts to the Castro Safeway store."

image: Google Maps