This headless HD camera drone can actually fly using your hand gestures

Yes, we've all caught the drone bug. And while everybody thinks these cute little crafts are a lot of fun and want to get their hands on the controls of one, the variety of options on the market now is actually scaring some drone-curious buyers away. Plus, it doesn't help that some high-end drone models can cost more than your car. Or even, a couple of cars

When the noise gets too loud, focus on the basics of what you want your drone to do. That'll likely lead you to a solid, all-around option like the Ninja Dragon Max Flip Headless HD Drone

Just picking up the Max Flip, it's easy to tell this isn't some cheap, flimsy toy aircraft. Made from rugged, durable ABS plastic and electronic components, this craft was engineered to deliver smooth flights as well as survive the rigors of flight in the real world.

For those who want a drone that's easy to fly, the Max Flip is about as simple as they come. Built with a six-axis gyroscope stabilizer, this drone puts easy flight, convenient control, and streamlined operations at the top of its features list.

It connects quickly to controls on a smartphone or even a wireless gaming controller. At just under four inches across, you can easily launch the craft right out of your hand — or just by flipping it into the air. The unit's automatic one-touch takeoff and landing feature makes it simple for new flyers to get started safely. It even has smart control capabilities to maneuver the flight of the craft through simple hand gestures.

The Max Flip also packs a formidable 1080p camera with a wide-angle lens that allows flyers to capture gorgeous images or video with crystal clear resolution. Meanwhile, the craft connects to your phone or portable device via WiFi, allowing for real-time transmission of your images so you can actually see what your drone sees.

Regularly priced at $169, The Ninja Dragon Max Flip Headless HD Drone is now more than 40 percent off at just $99.

Prices subject to change