The Whiteshark Tini Underwater Scooter is a brilliant way to explore the ocean depths

Exploring the ocean is a pretty magical experience, with so much to see and do almost everywhere you turn. But while out snorkeling, scuba diving, or just paddling around in the water, you're almost always struck by how big the ocean actually is. It's massive — and your tiny human arms and legs are oh so small. 

Covering ground on land just means hopping into a car or even tooling around on a scooter if you don't want to walk. But when you're swimming, you're usually at the mercy of your own internal energy reserves to get around. The Whiteshark Tini Underwater Scooter takes some of that burden off your tired limbs. Kickstarter fans were all over this underwater aid, funding its creation with over $120,000 in just one hour.

At just over 6.5 lbs., the Tini is extremely portable, but once you get it in the water, the handheld scooter has some serious kick; it propels riders through the water as the double thrusters release about 114psi of pressure to fire through the waves at up to about 3.5 mph.

That's at top speed, so users can also slip back down to the single propeller mode, cut speed, and glide through the water a little more slowly to truly take everything in. It's as easy as grabbing hold, pulling the trigger, and letting the Tini do the rest. 

Built to serve just as ably in the pool as a lake or the ocean, the Tini has an attachable floater and can be set for both right-handed or left-handed riders. It's also modular, so users can easily attach a pair of Tinis together to double their power, pulling riders to depths as low as 130 feet below the water's surface.

Powered by a sealed and chargeable 11000hAm battery, users will get up to about 45 minutes of ride time on a single charge, and the camera mount is more than ready for an attached action camera to capture images and video of all its underwater adventures.

The Whiteshark Tini Underwater Scooter usually retails for $449, but with the current offer, you can save $20 and pick one up now for just $429.99.

Prices subject to change