This iPhone case protects and recharges your phone to almost double its battery capacity

Nobody totes around an uncased iPhone. That would basically be like running through a crowded shopping mall naked. And while you can certainly trick out your phone with any manner of cool or kitschy cases that look eye-catching, we might recommend something a little more functional. Maybe a case that delivers both protection and even that most valuable iPhone commodity — extra power.

The ZeroLemon iPhone Battery Case is on it, not only safeguarding your iPhone from the bumps and scrapes that the real world dishes out but also brings a whole handful of added battery benefits to help keep any phone from ever encountering the dreaded 1 percent battery light.

On that most basic security level, ZeroLemon keeps your phone about as safe as possible. It has four raised AirCusion corners that add extra shock protection for unthinkable instances of drops or scratches, all while staying trim enough for your phone to slip easily into a pocket.

But it's that extra battery life that stands as ZeroLemon's true attention-grabbing calling card. Packing a powerful built-in 5,000mAh battery, this Qi-enabled wireless charger can restore up to 90 percent of a battery's life, effectively doubling your available power supply to carry you through the entire day. Once your phone battery starts to dip below a certain level, only then will it delve into the ZeroLemon's reserve stores so you can always monitor exactly how much reserve energy you have ready to go.

Charging your phone, then the case is the same pecking order when you plug your phone in for charging too. The case is fully compatible with all types of Lightning cables for both charging and data connection, so your AirPods or other wireless Bluetooth headphone accessories will fit just fine with the ZeroLemon case.

The ZeroLemon iPhone Battery Case is available for the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max, each for just $34.99

Prices subject to change