This lamp casts a million different colors in your room and even grooves to your music

One day, the lights in your house won't be tied to a simple light switch. They'll be voice-activated. Or they may spring to life entirely on their own through motion detectors and smart home artificial intelligence. They may be a standard white or soft white — or they could be LED capable of producing any of a million different color shades. The brightness will be fully controllable, and you'll be able to produce distinct lighting patterns, all programmable on your schedule. And they definitely won't do some of the weird stuff that proto smart bulbs do now.

While we aren't entirely there yet, cool new trailblazers like the Sky Smart Floor Lamp from Lamp Depot are pushing that envelope and creeping us all ever closer to that tech-driven future of lighting. 

In fact, this lamp brings to your home most of those features we expect in our future lighting. Standing just under 6 feet high, the long-lasting integrated LED can connect to the Magic Home Pro app for iOS and Android, allowing you to customize the exact shade you want from literally millions of possible color variations. You can even have the app pinpoint a color in a photo on your phone, then have the lamp perfectly mimic that color.

Not only do you get to select the color, but you've got even more potential decisions to make with adjustable brightness levels and a really cool music mode. If you're having a party or just listening to music on your own, this mode takes control of the light, syncing the colors, brightness, and other shifting variables to perfectly match the music you're playing.

And since this is a smart lamp, you bet it's got all the smart home enhancements you'd expect. That includes listening and responding to your voice commands via your favorite home smart speakers like Google Home, or Amazon Alexa, and Echo.

Set the exact mood you want with the exact lighting you want with the Lamp Depot Sky Smart Floor Lamp, available now at $129.99

Prices subject to change