"Ethically sourced" cocaine forcing posh Brits to pay out the nose

A new scheme is being dished out by Colombian drug dealers to play on the ragged environmental heartstrings of wealthy UK residents. What some are calling "woke coke" is being marketed as "ethically sourced" and "environmentally friendly", but that's far from the truth, according to Colombian aid worker Bibiana Villota:

"I've never heard of woke coke but I can tell you, no one in Colombia produces cocaine 'ethically'.

"The trade inevitably involves bloodshed, the destabilisation of communities and an appalling cycle of violence. If demand goes up, so does production and the cycle of destruction continues. What you call fair trade cocaine is only going to bring more greed and bloodshed."

via NZ Herald

This new gimmick has increased the already "obscene" amount of cash generated by the UK's cocaine trade, which already rakes in nearly $5B annually.

Drug policy expert Neil Woods commented:

 "I have been shown ads for 'environmentally friendly sniff' but it's nothing but a very clever marketing ploy. At £200 [$435] a gram, I call it the 'woke coke con'," he said.

via NZ Herald