This pocket-sized flying camera drone is your personal hovering photographer

Drones are fun, but you should probably examine your reasoning for getting one before plunging into the purchase. Are you looking for a craft to pilot and maneuver through the air like a daredevil? Or are you just looking for a cooler angle to up your selfie game? 

Look, there's no shame in enjoying a good selfie, but if you want a craft created specifically for serving as a floating, ever-present photographer sidekick, it might be worth taking a close look at the Air Pix Pocket-Sized Flying Camera.

The Air Pix is all about opening up your personal photography capabilities. Rather than dragging around the cumbersome and annoying selfie stick, the Air Pix launches right out of your hand with a single touch and hovers, frames, snaps the pic, then comes right back, all on its own.

Inside the Air Pix is a formidable 12MP camera, capable of shooting glorious high-resolution images and 1080p video, all hands-free with smooth air flight stabilization for fantastic shots. At barely 4 inches across and weighing less than 3.5 oz., the Air Pix is so small and convenient that most won't even notice it. Carry it in a pocket or bag, then deploy it to capture those important moments all by itself.

The Air Pix syncs to an Android or iOS smartphone or mobile device and can be flown easily through the intuitive app. Or users can simply launch the Air Pix and control its action through the ingenious gesture mode, buzzing the craft around solely through hand motions. There's even an autofly mode that allows the Air Pix to snap images and take video when no one is paying attention, offering pictures users might never have expected.

The Air Pix has 8GB of onboard storage and even comes with its own in-app image editing suite for easy picture touchups, as well as one-touch shareability to post to all your favorite social media platforms.

Regularly $159, shoppers can pick up the Air Pix Pocket-Sized Flying Camera now at $20 off the regular price, down to just $139.

Prices subject to change