Warren County, N.Y., loses nepotism policy, Sheriff's son finds job

In Warren County, New York, Sheriff Jim LaFarr's son was hired as an officer after the county ditched its nepotism policy, reports The Post Star. Why did it ditch its nepotism policy? So Sheriff Jim LaFarr could hire his son (and some other folks).

LaFarr had brought up the possibility of Tanner working for the department as early as November 2019 after he had been elected to the position.

The sheriff even told County Administrator Ryan Moore he would consider resigning if his son was barred from working for the department. He said it was Tanner's dream to work for the agency where his father has spent his career.

LaFarr later backed off the resignation threat, saying it was made in the heat of the moment.

Tanner won't be reporting to his father, says his father.

Tanner was implicated in a lawsuit while working for Lake George, N.Y.'s "Peace Officer" (i.e. tourist control) program—a woman, herself later convicted of misdemeanor crimes, claimed to have been assaulted by peace officers during a scuffle. Here's a video of Tanner participating in a street brawl in 2019 which made the news; jump to 1:08 to see him lose control. (The Peace Officer program was reportedly wound down last year due to the expenses incurred). There's nothing terrible in the video, except maybe the realization that this blank check now has a gun.