This 500-piece jigsaw puzzle is no lay-up. But if you beat it, you could win $1 million.

You probably know at least one jigsaw puzzle fiend. They exist all around, even though you can't always spot them on site. From a tween to a frat boy, from a mom to a scientist to a garbageman to a grandparent, puzzles are one of those leisurely pastimes that cut across gender, ethnicities, and socio-economic backgrounds. The satisfying snap of properly connected pieces is universal.

And if putting together a puzzle can win you $1 million too? Well, that's just some stellar icing on that already scrumptious cake. That's the idea behind the 1 Million Dollar Puzzle by MSCHF, a fun little way to add an extra layer of excitement to your puzzling pursuits.

The puzzle itself is a 500-piece challenger, constructed from recycled cardboard die-cut pieces with no two alike (sorry, no puzzle mashups this time). The image itself isn't included on the box, but we'll throw you a pretty sizable hint — it's a big QR code against a multicolored background.

While that may not sound like a recipe for raucous fun, just wait until you're able to dive in and finish this behemoth. And don't worry. Even though the black edges and shifting background colors make for a challenging build, on a difficulty scale from 1 to 10, this puzzle is really only about a 5. So despite any puzzle frustrations, if you keep at it, the work will ultimately pay off.

And we do mean pay off. Once the puzzle is completed, just snap an image of the QR code with your phone, which will unlock a secret website. Then, you enter the secret code you'll find unassumingly stashed in each box, enter the secret code on the website — and you might win $1 million. No, seriously — $1 million. Someone's gonna win it. And there's no reason it couldn't be you.

Of course, odds being what they are, you might not score the big prize, but part of the beauty of the 1 Million Dollar Puzzle is that if you complete it, you'll absolutely win something. Prizes range from that $1 million grand prize down to just 25 cents, but you're guaranteed to pick up something for your efforts. You input your PayPal or Venmo details and within a couple of days, you'll get your digital check deposited into your account. It's just that simple.

The 1 Million Dollar Puzzle usually sells for $64, but right now, you can get the puzzle and all of its money-making fun for over half off at just $30.

Prices subject to change