Be a true robotics genius, creating 7 amazing nano-bots that you build yourself

So…why do you actually go about building a robot? If you're a sci-fi fan, it often has something to do with world domination. Or crafting a hyper-intelligence to revolutionize a planet. Or if you're a lonely kid on a sand planet in the middle of nowhere, you just want to build a friend.

Of course, on the planet Earth in the year 2021, it might just be about increasing your skillset, learning something new, and hopefully, having some fun along the way. With the Geeek Club Robot Construction Kit, you can toss out the boring textbooks and tutorials, grab some basic equipment and start putting together robots of your own, even if you aren't the most technically inclined builder on the assembly line.

Crafting a fleet of your own robots is a pretty enticing prospect, which is why it's no surprise that Kickstarter fans flipped for the NanoBot collection, eclipsing their modest $7,000 funding goal by almost 20 times.

All you need to get rolling is a workspace and a soldering gun and iron — and if you know how to use 'em, your robot-creatin' future can get underway. The kit includes everything else a builder needs to fashion seven robots, built from 70 parts, over 250 electronic components, a handful of specialized tools, and some detailed instructions that guide budding engineers through the entire process.

Each robot comes in slender packaging that's about the size of a credit card, yet each robot has a personality of its own with some unique features that'll test your robo-crafting capabilities. Builders will even get special videos from each robot's creator, explaining how each robot was created and why.

With intelligent light sensors and advanced vibro-motor mechanics, builders will develop their hardware and electrical engineering skills as they connect motors, place light-emitting diodes, and bring your metal construct to life.

A true balance of skills and big fun, the Geeek Club Robot Construction Kit is available now with all the necessary parts and tools for just $125.99.

Prices subject to change