'FOX & Friends' blowhard believes the Government isn't here 'to protect anybody'

This is a sort of inexplicable conversation about the responsibility of the government to regulate public safety that can be simply explained due to the source: Fox & Friends.

Daily Beast:

Doocy, meanwhile, noted that for the most part, "the rule is if you've been vaccinated, you don't need to wear the mask, but if you have not been vaccinated, you need to wear a mask." He also explained that the concern right now is that people who aren't vaccinated are "faking it" so they can walk around maskless.

Kilmeade fired back.

"Guess what? But listen, if you didn't get a vaccination, that's your choice, but if you did, like I did and they did and maybe you did, then you should not wear a mask," he said. "And if you did and if you want to go cliff diving this weekend, you don't have to check with me."

After Doocy pointed out that 99 percent of people who are dying from COVID-19 are unvaccinated, Kilmeade once again shouted that it's their personal choice.

"They don't wanna die. So the administration and the government is saying we need the mask mandate to protect the unvaccinated," Doocy sighed, prompting his colleague to curiously argue that the government has no role in protecting its population.

"That is not their job. It's not their job to protect anybody," Kilmeade confidently exclaimed.

Let us also point out that if folks cliff diving were diving into crowds, instead of water, and randomly killing people the Government would step in.