This $30 bundle offers a second phone line and VPN protection to keep you secure online

It feels like it shouldn't be a big deal. Giving out your phone number isn't like giving out your credit card information, right? 

But in the hands of a skilled identity thief, a phone number is actually a very helpful inroad into reaching vital data and even accessing a victim's money. Phone numbers are more and more often tied to various cards and accounts for use as verification in the event of something like a lost password. All it takes is an industrious thief to get access to a number to start infiltrating texts, voicemails, and financial details to start unraveling all that security and robbing a victim blind. And it doesn't even have to be an adult pulling the strings on these elaborate schemes.

The answer is tighter protection around those vulnerable areas, which is available with coverage like that found in The Lifetime Mobile Privacy and Security Subscription Bundle.

It starts with a totally secure Hushed Private Phone Line. With Hushed, users keep their original phone line free for their closest friends and family only, while a second Hushed line number becomes the default number for everything else, from business calls and eCommerce contacts to more personal affairs like Craigslist sales or online dating.

Hushed lets you choose the area code for your new second number, set up voicemail and texting, and serve as a completely functional second phone line, without adding an expensive second number through your phone carrier. This plan includes 6,000 SMS minutes for texting as well as 1,000 call minutes per year, which automatically refreshes with a whole new supply each year. And if you need to add more minutes, it's easy to bolster your supply for just a few dollars.

While a second number is a sound security precaution, a VPN remains the staunchest first line of defense for all your web activities. With a lifetime of KeepSolid VPN Unlimited access, users get the protection of one of the world's most popular VPN services protecting everything they do online on their phone and up to four other devices. 

A PC Mag's Top VPN award honoree, KeepSolid already protects over 10 million customers worldwide, offering a network of more than 400 VPN servers in over 80 locations around the globe to provide a security-hardened, fully encrypted, untraceable connection to the web. All of your web traffic is completely shielded, making it impossible for cybercrooks to track you or infiltrate your devices.

The one-two punch of The Lifetime Mobile Privacy and Security Subscription Bundle is now available for more than 90 percent off its regular price, a $349 value now on sale for just $29.99.

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