Exercise your brain every day with one year of NeuroNation for $40

Millions around the world put on their sneakers and head to the gym every day, all with the goal of keeping their bodies in peak possible shape. That's a commendable, thoroughly understandable goal. But for all the millions who take the time each day to help make sure their body remains in optimal condition, you'd be surprised how few do the same level of maintenance when it comes to the engine that drives the body: the brain.

The brain is a machine too, with many of the same needs for regular workouts and fine-tuning that the rest of the body needs. NeuroNation Brain Testing is like a boot camp for the mind, establishing a set of targeted exercises focused on keeping the brain sharp and purring like a high-end sports car.

After 10 years and with more than 1 million reviewers pushing NeuroNation to a lofty 4.6 out of 5-star rating on the Google Play Store and App Store, it's scientifically proven brain training that boosts cognitive abilities and even helps improve mental health.

While crossword puzzles and Sudoku are one level of mental fitness, NeuroNation elevates that honing to the nth degree, offering more than 30 exercises up to 250 different levels for a fully varied, motivating training that works all areas of your brain.

Created with the help of the Free University of Berlin, you start with strengths and weaknesses testing that gauges your mental acuity in four distinct areas. Armed with your results, NeuroNation then goes about crafting a brain testing workout that addresses any problematic spots, from memory and concentration to a dwindling reaction time. 

As exercises get progressively more complex, your mind is challenged — and that muscle stretches to improve, offering better retention, improves attention, and actually kicks your brain into its best gear.

A one-year subscription to the NeuroNation Brain Training regimen is an $84 value, but with this offer, you can get it now for only $39.99.

Prices subject to change