Save 50% on these bone conduction headphones that allow you to experience the world around you

Catching up on podcasts or audiobooks is the perfect way to fill the time and power you forward on a long run or an even longer bike ride. As you push your body, you can zone out the discomfort with the distraction of fun, stimulating conversation, or burying yourself in a gripping story.

While headphones and earbuds are perfectly legal everywhere while running, walking, and almost everywhere while riding a bike, that doesn't mean it's the safest practice. In the most recent numbers compiled by the University of Maryland, more than 100 accidents were attributed to pedestrians wearing headphones being injured by vehicles, with numbers tripling over a 7-year span. 

With those trends only continuing, it's no surprise that open-ear headphone design is taking off with bone conduction technology leading the way. Users can try it out firsthand with these bone conduction headphones by Exobone.

If you've never tried bone-conducting headphones before, they're a revelation. Unlike regular soundwaves transmitted through the air to your eardrums, bone-conduction headphones translate that sound into vibrations, which move through the skull and jaw directly to the cochlea for decoding, bypassing the eardrum altogether. The result is premium sound that doesn't impair the listener's ability to hear or even disturb anyone nearby.

Weighing less than an ounce, these headphones wrap around your ear but don't block your ear canal while you listen to music, enjoy a podcast, or take phone calls when they're synced to a Bluetooth-enabled mobile device.

Featuring a foldable design, these headphones are trumpeted by The Wired Runner for their "much higher sound quality than other similar headphones." That's all without ever impacting your hearing or even potentially damaging your ability to hear long-term.

Right now, you can experience the ease and freedom of bone conduction now with the Exobone bone conduction headphones. Regularly $157, they're now on sale at half off that price, down to only $76.99.

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