The "Sad Wolverine" meme is now a limited edition San Diego Comic-Con action figure

There's a beautifully tragic moment in the 90s X-Men cartoon where Wolverine reclines in his bed and longingly strokes at a photograph of his beloved Jean Grey (and her beaux, Cyclops). You've probably seen it meme'd. But now, this iconic image of emotional mutant vulnerability has been immortalized a new form: a limited edition Comic Con-exclusive action figure, courtesy of Mondo Toys.

The 1/6 scale action figure is limited to only 200. In addition to the box with Wolverine all snug in his bed, it also comes with four swappable facial expressions, several swappable hands with retracted or extended adamantium claws (and stroking), as well as a plastic mold of the little lightning-esque claw sharpening special effect from the TV show. Oh, and a glossy photo of Jean Grey and Cyclops. Plus a turkey leg for him to eat.

But of course, you would never open the box and play with any of those accessories, would you?

The timing of this action figure's release is particularly funny if you, like me, have been ravenously devouring the current ongoing X-comics storyline—which, among its many fantastic developments, has finally gotten Wolverine together with Cyclops and Jean Grey in a polyamorous throuple. (Yes, really)

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