Light up the night using bioluminescent dinoflagellates with this Bio-Turtle

There are few occurrences in nature that elicit pure adolescent wonder quite like bioluminescence. Just the idea of a living thing exuding light fascinates all of us boring old humans who wish we could do something that cool. And when you experience seeing a night sky lit up with fireflies or a beach glow with the power of bioluminescent marine life, it's truly magical.

While us boring humans can't glow like that, we're smart enough to understand how the process works, which is how we can actually replicate that amazing phenomenon in some pretty striking ways, like this Bioluminescent Bio-Turtle from PyroFarms.

During the day, this hand-blown 6-inch glass turtle can sit on your desk or countertop and look fun and playful. But at night, you can gently swirl the all-natural seawater inside, and watch as the living algae come to life, issuing a bioluminescent glow that will leave you transfixed.

Once you receive the Bio-Turtle, all you have to do is pour the contents of the PyroDino pouch right inside. The dinoflagellates are actually alive — and once they make their home in the turtle, users only have to place it in a low-to-moderately well-lit area during the daylight hours. The living algae consume carbon dioxide and produce fresh oxygen just like any other plant, all in anticipation of their big show at night.

Once you swirl the turtle, the natural processes kick in — and the turtle will help light up the night. The algae need the daily light, so if you keep them near the sunshine — and maybe feed them some DinoNutrients every once in a while, this virtually immortal plankton who reproduce by simple cell division can do their cool trick for years and years.

Retailing for $69, the PyroFarms Bioluminescent Bio-Turtle is on sale now at 15 percent off, lowering your price for this fun scientific curio down to only $57.99.