The KingCamp Pop-Up Roof Tent will turn your SUV into a glorious camping base camp

No one wants to sleep on soggy, unstable, or unsafe ground when they go camping. If you've got an SUV, you're probably halfway tempted to just sleep in the vehicle sometimes, even though that kind of defeats the whole outdoor experience. However, you can still use your SUV to your advantage and craft yourself a safe, stable, comfortable outdoor adventure. The KingCamp SUV Pop-Up Roof Tent is a perfect middle ground between roughing it and still enjoying the comfort and safety every camper needs. And it's a whole lot better than a personal tent.

That's because this tent literally lives on the roof of your SUV. You need to have a roof rack or a truck bed rack, and you need to make sure it's equipped to handle the weight of the tent and its occupants. But if your vehicle checks out, this pop-up is a handy solution to drink in the outdoors in absolute comfort.

It only takes about 10 minutes to lock the tent in pass on your roof, then just a matter of seconds for the hydraulics to automatically and effortlessly raise the tent to full size, a spacious 7 feet across and big enough to fit two adults.

Your roof overhead is a hardshell ABS material crafted for sun protection, waterproofing, and anti-oxidation to protect you from the elements. And your floor below is a 2" thick high-density comfortable 40D queen size foam mattress. The tent is rounded out with fabric siding, which is waterproof, resistant to storms and rain, and features two mesh windows and a pair of doors for full ventilation.

There's even a telescopic aluminum alloy ladder included assuring stable access for scampering in and out of the tent. With this tent, users can pull off virtually anywhere, pop the tent, and crash out for a comfortable sleep — or pick somewhere glorious and enjoy the outdoors in the comfort of an elevated cabin of relaxation.

For the SUV or pickup owner, the KingCamp SUV Pop-Up Roof Tent answers all of our outdoor camping questions — and right now, it's available for just $2,909.99.

Prices subject to change