You can be party-ready in less than an hour with Drizly

While prohibition was originally undertaken to reduce crime and corruption among other social problems, clearly it had what could almost be viewed as an opposite effect. During the 13 "dry" years from 1920 to 1933, unlawful production and sales of liquor through bootlegging and speakeasies were rampant. Thankfully those days are long behind us and now we can enjoy a cold beer on a hot summer day, a hot toddy on a cold wintry evening, a glass of bubbly in festive cheers, or whatever beverage tickles your fancy, whenever the mood strikes (if we are of age, of course). Perhaps better yet, we can even have our imbibements delivered directly to our door.

These days we have a lot to celebrate—the end of the pandemic is seemingly on the horizon, friends' thrice postponed weddings are finally happening, parents' 25th anniversaries are being honored (even though now they have been married for 26 years), the dog days of summer are here, or just the fact that we are healthy and are surviving these crazy times.

During the height of lockdowns, we became quite used to home deliveries—everything from groceries to electronics was left on our threshold. What we may not have been aware of is that we can have liquor brought right to our home. That's right—it's legal and Drizly is now the largest online marketplace for alcohol in North America, delivering in 30 states, including Texas, and opening up in Canada.

So whether you're the "always be prepared" kind of person or more into spontaneity, Drizly can serve it up. With a wide selection of alcohol—Drizly offers pretty much any type of liquor, beer, and wine you can think of, from household names to the obscure, and covers all price points—you can schedule a delivery up to two weeks in advance, or you can have your selection at your door in about an hour.

The website and app are super easy to navigate. You can filter through the various offerings, where you will find product details, ratings, and reviews for each. This is particularly helpful if you're looking to try something new—and really, why wouldn't you?

But wait there's more! If you're really on the hook for that last-minute get-together, Drizly can also deliver mixers, ice, party supplies, even appetizers and snacks. It's like a ready-made party arriving on your doorstep, all in under an hour. Your friends will be impressed, and all you had to do was place the order, kick back, and relax. How much simpler could it be?

In most markets, there is a minimum purchase plus delivery fees to help their retail partners offset costs. The prices are not marked up but are determined by the neighborhood store you are ordering from. Keep in mind that since you are ordering locally there may be a touch of variation in the event that a particular location does not offer, for example, that $4700 bottle of Remy Martin VSOP brandy you are craving.

Join thousands of satisfied customers and try Drizly today by saving $5 on your first order of $20+ with code SPRINGINTOSUMMER5. Now there's something to cheer about!

Prices subject to change.