Power your devices in a crisis with up to $249 off these EcoFlow Power Stations

If mobile devices had been around when the Boy Scouts were organized over 110 years ago, it feels likely that telling scouts to have a stable supply of standby power around in case of emergency would have been high on the essentials list.

The Boy Scouts are all about being prepared — and that's pretty much the motto of portable power stations and other fast sources of power in the event of an outage or disaster.

Having a reliable, fully charged and ready power station in your home could be an absolute lifesaver in a major storm or if a power grid goes dark for a while. EcoFlow has a handful of their best power stations and other accessories on sale now, at savings of up to $249 off. Be prepared, indeed.

EcoFlow 110W Solar Panel – $289.99; originally $399

Even with a power station or other battery source, available power will run out eventually. Of course, that won't matter with your own solar panel for gathering up the sun's rays and turning them into usable power. This 110W panel is made of efficient monocrystalline silicon cells, which capture and convert up to 22 percent of solar rays into energy, a much higher rate than other panels. The panels fold up neatly into a briefcase for easy transport and you can even chain several of these panels together to collect even more power faster.

EcoFlow River Portable Power Station – $339.99; originally $349

The River portable power station can power up to 10 devices simultaneously. Designed for easy transport at just 11 lbs., the River also features X-Boost Technology, an advanced built-in algorithm that enables about 80 percent of heavy-duty kitchen appliances and tools up to 1800W to operate straight off the River. And if you've depleted the battery store, it's also got EcoFlow's patented X-Stream technology, a smart inverter that makes for lightning-fast rechargeability. It only takes the River less than 1 hour to charge from dead up to about 80 percent, and it's at a full-replenished 100 percent in as fast as 1.6 hours. 

EcoFlow River Pro Portable Power Station – $629.99; originally $649

The River Pro is an absolute beast, sporting about 2.5 times the charging capability of the original River. Of course, it's also got the same X-Boost and X-Stream advancements to start juicing up to 10 devices at once with its ample reservoir. With an already beefy 720Wh of power, you can also add a River Pro extra battery to double its capacity to a full 1440Wh. If you're traveling and spending lots of time outdoors, you'll appreciate that level of power to keep everything around camp running smoothly.

EcoFlow Delta Power Station – $1,149; originally $1,399

With 1260Wh of available power, the Delta is the kingpin of the EcoFlow line. It's also got more charging output options than virtually any other battery, including 6 AC outlets, 6 USB ports and even a standard DC port to power almost anything fast and without concern. That's 13 hookups you can run off the Delta, all at once. The Delta can recharge at about 10 times the speed of most portable power stations, and if it needs power itself, you can attach it to your car battery and resupply the Delta in about 10 hours.