Here's a lightsaber that looks, sounds, and fights almost like the real thing for under $125

If you've ever wanted a lightsaber like a real Jedi, then you've pretty much had two choices. You could buy one of those cheap-o plastic Hasbro toys from Target. Or you could lay out serious green for one of those ultra-precious replicas that cost as much as a house payment. Well, there are three choices. You could also just make one yourself.

If you aren't down with mass-produced kid junk, or willing to spend the GDP of a small nation for one, or technically capable of building your own deadly weapon, then the Cyber Blade Alpha Grip Light Saber should hit a very specific sweet spot for you.

Designed for Star Wars fans and those enthused by real-life lightsaber combat, the Cyber Blade is the middle ground between glistening eye candy showpiece and highly usable mock fighting blade. The hilt is crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum and precision milled using a CNC machine for a lightweight, ergonomic grip. That means it'll slide into your hand perfectly, almost like it was given to you by an old space wizard who basically lies to you about your father and everything he did to set the galaxy on fire … from a certain point of view.

It also includes a detachable, ultra-durable, battle-ready polycarbonate blade, a saber that's surprisingly capable of withstanding actual hits sustained in faux fights. You probably don't want to engage in any serious dangling-over-a-cloud-city-chasm or grappling-on-the-edge-of-a-volcanic-river battles to the death, but it'll stand up to the rigors of your play fighting better than you might think.

The Cyber Blade can cycle through 11 different light colors at the push of a button. You can bounce from the blue of a jaunty young hero ready to kiss his sister, to the red of a petulant man-child set on toppling the galaxy because he screwed up with his girl, to the purple of a serious bad-ass who only agree to be a Jedi if he got a really cool colored lightsaber.

And of course, no lightsaber is worth much of anything without light or the cool whooshy sounds when it cuts through the air. It's got all the sound effects too, like the iconic power-up, the iconic swing through the air, the iconic blade clash, and more. The word for all this is probably … iconic.

About the price. Unlike the collector's item hilts that run hundreds on their own, the Cyber Blade Alpha Grip Light Saber retails for $199, but it's down to $144.99 with its Boing Boing Store discount. Add on this Semi-Annual Sale 15 percent off when you use the code ANNUAL15 at checkout and suddenly, you're swinging like a true Jedi for $123.24.