Pawp combines vet telemedicine and emergency vet funds into a new pet insurance alternative

No one needs to tell you the pace of life is increasing. Whether you're a baby boomer, a Gen Xer, a millennial, or even a Gen Zer, you can feel it. Whether you grew up in the '50s, the '80s, or the 2000s, the world you experienced as a kid was a much slower pace than the one you live in today.

The stacked schedules, the growing responsibilities, the feeling that you need to maximize every moment of available time in your day–and the feeling that everything you do still isn't enough. It's one thing when those responsibilities are all about you, but when you have children, the equation changes.

And while many millennials and Gen Zers might not have pulled that trigger just yet, they do often have the next closest substitute to a child: a beloved pet.

When a dog or cat gets sick, those pet parents face the same dilemma moms and dads have faced for generations. Is this something you can make better at home…or is this something that requires a medical pro? And if you blow up your day to schedule a vet visit, cart in your anxious cat or dog, then wait through exams, blood work, consultations, and more, was it ultimately a productive use of your time? And then, there's always that vet bill too…

Every pet owner wants to give their furry friend the best life possible. Pawp is an alternative to pet insurance that can help make that happen, even in our busy, amped-up world.

Pawp is the best alternative to pet insurance

Pawp is a new entry into the pet protection game–and they play that game by starkly different rules.

That starts right at the beginning. There's no lengthy, contentious, and expensive on-boarding process. In fact, Pawp can get started providing emergency coverage for up to six pets in your household in minutes for just $19.

Considering the average cost of accident and illness plan coverage in the US for dogs is about $47.20 per month, with cats costing around $29.54 per month, Pawp is a big savings over traditional insurers.

No matter a pet's age, breed, location, or medical history, all a pet parent has to do is enter some basic information–and they're covered. No battles over pre-existing conditions, elevated premiums, or any of the other dreaded insurance company routines. With Pawp, you pay your monthly bill and you have an immediate safety net for up to six pets in your home.

As a member of the Pawp family, an online vet with Pawp can be your first call whenever you have a question about your pet's health, .

If your pet is acting strangely or seems under the weather, members can get instant help and talk to a vet online just by contacting the Pawp hotline anytime, 24/7/365. Within five minutes, a pet owner can be texting, voice chatting, or video conferencing with a trained veterinary pro who can assess your pet's situation and offer advice on what to do next. Rather than worrying about what's happening or planning that schedule-disrupting vet office visit, a quick talk with a Pawp expert can help you decide what you're dealing with and how to handle it.

Get $3,000 in emergency pet care funds

Of course, the convenience of a digital consultation can never match the treatment of a vet's office visit if your pet is sick or injured. So if you decide you do need to take your dog or cat in, Pawp is ready to help there too, with a $3,000 annual emergency fund to help pay for your pet's treatment.

Unlike pet insurance, there's no copay, deductible, or credit check with your Pawp membership. And you don't ever have to pay those funds back. Just have someone from your vet's office call the Pawp hotline to review your charges, and Pawp will offer up the money, before you leave the office.

Your pet's health is a priority that you don't take lightly. Give them the best care possible and head to the Pawp website and set up your coverage in minutes.