Plug in these smart home outlets to make any connected device web-enabled for just $17

With the proliferation of smart objects, most of us assumed it wouldn't be long before virtually every electrical device has a new, upgraded smart 2.0 version that's web-compatible, voice-controllable, and ready to enjoy as a cohesive part of your 2021 smart home of the future.

And yeah, that's where we still seem to be heading. But there are definitely going to be some stragglers in this new, everything-in-connected age, not to mention a few old favorites you're going to have a hard time replacing with their smart counterparts.

Rather than exiling those tried and true classic table lamps, air fresheners, vacuums, and more to the hall closets, garages, and storage lockers of the world, why not just make the wall outlet it's plugged into smart instead?

With these 15A Smart Home WiFi Outlets, that's exactly what you can do. This FCC-certified, compact little gadget plugs right into a traditional AC wall outlet without even covering its companion plug. All you need is a clean WiFi signal and a smartphone or tablet and you're in business.

Made from PC V0 class flame retardant material, these outlets are designed to eliminate any fear of lightning surges and spikes scrambling your devices. While the outside is firm, sturdy, and secure, it's what's inside that gets everybody's attention, connecting directly to a smart app on your phone to give you complete control over anything plugged in.

If it's something like a lamp, you can set a schedule along with a timer so it'll automatically turn on when it gets dark, then turn it off when it's time for bed. Of course, with the app on your phone, that means you can also fire up or turn off any devices in your home from anywhere, even if you aren't at home. And if you don't want to trigger a device from your app, just do it through voice commands when you sync these outlets to your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant smart speakers.

And did we happen to mention that you get a set of four of these babies? You can literally smarten up outlets all over your house with this 15A Smart Home WiFi Out 4-Pack. They're regularly $26, but after their regular $6 discount, you can also take an extra 15 percent off as part of this ongoing Semi-Annual Sale. Just use the code ANNUAL15 when you make your purchase to drops your price down to only $16.99.