From CSS to JavaScript, here are 10 coding bundles that can make you a master programmer

The web development world is more than a world. It's a whole universe. That's because, for every project you see on the web, there were likely 10 different ways to reach that final product. But which way is the best way? Well, that's the question only a fully trained and knowledgeable web creator can answer with authority.

You can earn your way into that conversation with the training in any of these 10 intensive coding training bundles, each offering its own insightful background on a major programming discipline. And in addition to each already at discount prices of 80 to 90 percent off, you can save an additional 60 percent during this Semi-Annual Sale by using the code ANNUAL60 when you make your purchase. Happy coding.

The Complete C# Programming Bundle: Lifetime Access – $11.60 after code ANNUAL60; originally $1,393

Key in the development of desktop and web apps as well as web services, this 7-course compendium includes everything to become knowledgeable in C# coding. From basic C training and fundamentals, this bundle progresses to ultimately get new C programmers creating fun apps and games to enhance their skill set.

The Ultimate PHP Training Bundle – $7.60 after code ANNUAL60; originally $97

If you're going to build for the web, you need to know PHP to help bring function-rich, beautifully customized websites and databases to life. With 90 lectures and over 12.5 hours of content, this beginner-to-advanced bundle will teach you all things PHP, learning database storage, object-oriented development, and more to create seamless, interactive sites on par with any professional.

The Comprehensive JavaScript Bundle – $12.40 after code ANNUAL60; originally $1,492

JavaScript is one of the web's foundational programming disciplines for a reason, so school up on this critical coding knowledge with a mountain of training across 8 courses and more than 42 hours of content. From terminology and basic operations through an assortment of projects to build your learning, this instruction will show even novice programmers how to wield the power of JavaScript to fashion fantastic web experiences.

The Shell Developer Master Class Bundle – $8 after code ANNUAL60; originally $399

If you don't know about shell, it's a vital component in how a user interfaces with an operating system. With these four shell scripting courses, learners will get 16 hours of video training in how to read input and pass arguments, how shell programming procedures work, and the math that makes it all function.

The C++ Programming Bundle: Beginner to Expert – $6 after code ANNUAL60; originally $600

C++ is one of the most popular tools in a developer's skillset for handling complex, high-level web functions, particularly for hardcore gaming and app coders. This three-course, 40+ hour collection guides first-timers through all the C++ basics all the way to elite-level operations only language masters usually know.

The 2021 Java Bootcamp Bundle – $14.40 after code ANNUAL60; originally $990

For anyone eyeing a career in programming, Java is like air. It's essential learning. Across 10 courses, this training explains everything young coders need to know about learning, then using this foundational web development language, from fundamental Java operations like setting up a Java environment and learning how to write a Java program to bigger stuff like arrays, objects, inheritance, collections, and more.

The Premium Learn to Code 2021 Certification Bundle – $24 after code ANNUAL60; originally $4,056

This assortment is the motherlode, including 27 different courses with more than 270 hours of training covering all manner of introductory to advanced coding for a newbie to devour. From HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, to PHP and MySQL, to C#, Ruby on Rails, and Python, it's all here. And that barely even scratches the surface on the bundle that will take days to explore and months, even years to master.

The Complete 2021 Python Expert Super Bundle – $24 after code ANNUAL60; originally $3,540

Python is currently already gaining on C to potentially take the top spot as the world's most used coding language, so this 12-course, 87-hour extravaganza can help get any novice up to speed. From explaining core Python concepts all the way to showcase its key role in data analysis, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and some of tech's most intriguing explorations, Python knowledge can be the key to a big new coding career.

The Complete SwiftUI Developer Bundle – $10 after code ANNUAL60; originally $600

Swift UI is the app development environment that's become the primary proving ground for any new Apple app creation. Over three courses and more than 20 hours of content, app visionaries learn how to conceive, build, troubleshoot, then ultimately sell an app in the Apple App Store that will satisfy users.

The Complete 2021 SQL Master Class Bundle – $8 after code ANNUAL60; originally $1,393

SQL designs and manages databases — and this collection of 7 courses with over 23 hours of training explains it all. Students will learn about SQL basics, how to design and develop schemes, how to build web apps with PHP, and the steps for solving all the most impactful data problems before they become problems.