Passengers stranded and Spirit airlines canceled hundreds of flights

According to travel news website Live and Let's Fly, Spirit Airlines canceled at least 277 flights today, representing 36% of its schedule according to FlightAware data. 159 flights have been delayed, representing 20% of its schedule.

Though the weather is the primary factor, it is not the sole cause of the delay. In addition to staffing issues, Spirit reportedly also set an unrealistic timeline.

The situation at Spirit Airlines has deteriorated to the point where extraordinary measures have been taken, according to the travel site. There have been unconfirmed reports of riots and bedlam in Florida and Puerto Rico. 

From Live and Let's Fly:

But Spirit Airlines, as a so-called "ultra-low-cost-carrier" does not have interline agreement with other airlines. When delays and cancellations happen, passengers are hung out to dry…it is the risk you take when you book with a carrier like Spirit Airlines.

A tweet suggests the situation in San Juan, Puerto Rico is spiraling out of control, with passengers rioting, flights ordered to divert, crew members told to change out of uniform, and ground staff huddling behind locked doors.