New double-decker airplane seats let you eat farts for free

CNN Travel recently published an article about a new "conceptual" double decker airline seat arrangement that's had the industry buzzing. The "Chaise Longue (sic) Airplane Seat" is currently on display at the Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) in Hamburg, and won a 2021 Crystal Cabin Award — "the top prize in the aviation industry," according to CNN.

More from the creator of this monstrosity, Alejandro Núñez Vicente:

Núñez Vicente reckons there would be about 1.5 meters separating the seated passenger from the top of the plane. He argues that while a traveler couldn't stand upright in that space, many already can't stand upright in regular economy rows — although, presumably, these taller travelers will be even more squished by this design. 

Next up, trying the bottom row of seats. Núñez Vicente's frustration with a lack of legroom was the original impetus for the design, and by not having a seat on the same level in front of me, it does allow me to stretch out my legs, and there's a foot rest for added comfort.

As of now, there's no official plan to implement these "double decker" seats that pit you face-to-ass for your Transatlantic journey. But airlines are desperate to find another way to price-gouge passengers, so who knows. Maybe the future of economy flight will be somehow even worse!

Here's what it might be like to travel on a double decker airplane seat [Francesca Street / CNN]