11 percent of the unvaccinated blame Trump for the COVID-19 surge

In an Axios/Ipsos poll regarding who is responsible for this new Covid wave, the expected sides laid the perfunctory blame at the feet of others. Vaccinated people mostly blame the unvaccinated as well as disgraced former President Trump and the conservative media. The unvaccinated, largely conservative, went to their usual punching bag and blamed foreigners, those who have traveled to the U.S., as well as the mainstream media. The stat that jumps out amongst the rest is that the 11 percent of the unvaccinated blame the monstrosity that is Donald J. Trump.

The shocking part of that is that we assume that the unvaccinated are largely Trump supporters so what is the rationale for a person who remains unvaccinated and adores the Orange Menace, to blame him for a rise in Covid cases? Part of that is a mystery but there might be a reason for another part of it. Don't forget that there is a far left anti-vax faction that has been opposed to all vaccines for years because it might be the root cause of autism, which has since been widely disproven, or other evils. Those unvaccinated sorts are certainly not Trump fans, they just don't want to get jabbed by anything whatsoever.

The vaccinated blame President Joe Biden in roughly the same amount as the unvaxxed blame Stormy Daniels' squasher. That isn't as hard to figure. I'm certain more on the left think Biden could do more to halt this wave of delta variant Covid-19 with some kind of vaccine mandate and harsher restrictions.

Either way, it is clear from this poll that getting or not getting the Covid-19 vaccine still runs along political lines and will continue to make herd immunity a difficult goal to reach.