Gear up for gaming glory with 10 controllers, chargers, and more, all at an extra 15% off

If you're a gamer, there's little that gets you more excited than new gear. Stepping up to a new controller or a new headset can literally change the entire experience of playing every game on your shelf. 

We know what the charge of playing with new toys is like, which is why you should definitely check out these 10 gaming accessory items on sale now as part of our ongoing Semi-Annual Sale. Just drop in the code ANNUAL15 when you make your purchase and you'll get an extra 15 percent off the already discounted price of each item.

HCG1 Pro Gaming Headset – $88.39 after code ANNUAL15; originally $189

Wrapped in metal and leather and powered by formidable 53mm drivers, this headset screams quality build. Compatible with an Xbox, a PS4, a PC, and more, the HCG1 can help you hear a pin drop in your gaming world, serving up superior sound quality that lets you truly sink into your environment. And the cushioned earcups can help gamers through marathon sessions comfortably.

HomeSpot Bluetooth Audio Adapter Pro for Nintendo Switch – $36.54 after code ANNUAL15; originally $49

For Switch players, this is what you've been looking for. This is the first Bluetooth adapter that lets a player connect both a headphone and a smartphone to your Switch at once. Thanks to this cool add-on, players can play with their headphones on while still enjoying the voice-chat multiplayer gaming function of the Switch. They can even adjust the audio feed to independently control the sound levels of the game as well as the chat.

XBox Series X Dual Station Charging Dock – $22.94 after code ANNUAL15; originally $59

This double charging stand from Tech Zebra ensures both of your controllers are ready to cape up at a moment's notice. Designed especially for Xbox Series X owners, the twin docks make it easy to charge two controllers simultaneously, serving up about 20 hours of gameplay on a single charge. 

PS5 Charging Dock – $34.81 after code ANNUAL15; originally $89

This charger not only keeps your PS5 and all of its controllers fully charged, but it looks mighty stylish while doing it. Just click in one or two controllers when you aren't playing and you'll always be ready for action. And the easy LED indicators will let you know — red means still charging, blue means play on.

PS5 DualSense Controller USB-C Charging Dock – $16.96 after code ANNUAL15; originally $49

All it takes is less than two hours to get a pair of dead PS5 controllers right back into the fight. A charging system designed and optimized just for PS5 controls, this setup allows both controllers to charge up at once, while never succumbing to overheating or overcharging dangers. Plus, it even matches the system's cool color scheme.

Alpha Bravo GZ-1 Wired Gaming Mouse – $59.46 after code ANNUAL15; originally $69

Some real gamers will tell you computer gaming is the only true gaming. For them, the GZ1 is a powerhouse, sporting a counterweight system to let users adjust the mouse's overall weight for ultra-precise gaming needs. Ergonomically designed for both lefties and righties with lighting flashing over 16 million different colors, this is a mouse that'll make any system better.

Costway Massage Gaming Chair Racing Office Computer Recliner with Lumbar Support – $186.99 after code ANNUAL15; originally $319

As if gaming wasn't enough, here's a chair that'll serve up a massage too. This gaming chair is completely customizable, so users can adjust the height, armrest direction, and even the back tilt for just the right lumbar support to help fight fatigue and bad posture. The USB-driven massage function even relaxes the waist, so even your most stressful games are all good. If the competition thinks you're hacking, just tell 'em you have a really good gaming chair.

Ergopixel Terra Series Gaming Desk – $254.96 after code ANNUAL15; originally $349

A perfect gaming environment starts with your desk, so the Ergopixel Terra Series desk knows what you need. Topped with a microfiber desk mat, and an anti-slip rubber bottom, the roll of your mouse will always be true. This desk even comes with a cup holder, a headset holder, and a desk-sized mouse pad to take your gaming to the next level.

Serafim S1: Multi-Platform Gaming Controller On the Go – $39.09 after code ANNUAL15; originally $69

Rocking two joysticks, 12 buttons, and compatible with 10 different platforms, the S1 is an upgrade for virtually any handheld gamer. Just snap a phone or a Switch into its secure grip, sync up, and you're ready to play. The Serafim Play app has optimized button mapping stored for all the most popular mobile games or you can map out an array of your own that best suits your playing ability.

Serafim R1 and Racing Wheel – $84.99 after code ANNUAL15; originally $119

Without a top-flight wheel, there's almost no point in playing premium racing games — and thankfully, the R1 is a top-flight wheel. Ready to work with consoles like Xbox One, PS4, PS3, Nintendo Switch, and more, the R1 even allows a phone to be clamped right to the center of the wheel for Bluetooth connection and the precision control to play nearly 30 different mobile racing games, including Asphalt 9 and Real Racing 3.