Protect your kids with the Gryphon Guardian Wi-Fi network, now under $85

Your home Wi-Fi router is your conduit to the outside world. It's your portal to the internet, your connection to streaming content, and more and more often lately, your best means of seeing faraway friends and family face-to-face online.

But we all know that not far beyond that portal lies demons. Those nefarious forces come in many shapes and sizes — and frankly, there's just too much out there on the big ole web for any parent to adequately patrol. Even if you're a permissive stewart of your child's internet time, there are still places you definitely don't want them to fall into.

The Gryphon Guardian Wi-Fi Network Protection is a powerful mesh network for serving Wi-Fi signal all over your house, but it's also got plenty of extra abilities, including a robust set of parental controls that any adult will appreciate.

As a router, the Guardian throws up a dual-band, fully-secured Wi-Fi net connecting every web-enabled device in your home at a range of up to 1,800 square feet. Working with everything from smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs to Xboxes, smart light bulbs, and beyond, the Guardian's intelligent intrusion detection and malware filtering powered by ESET technology actively safeguards every connected device in your home network.

But unlike other mesh networks, the Guardian also takes a keen interest in protecting your family from unwanted influences. Working in conjunction with the Gryphon app, the Guardian allows parents to set up a secure network with monitored parental controls to help limit or restrict web access to any users all based on your specs.

With the advanced parental control features, parents can filter content, including 1.2 million blocked websites, view any user's browsing history, set bedtimes and homework times when kids can't use the web, and, in extreme cases, the ability to suspend web access to any user with the touch of a button.

The Gryphon Guardian Wi-Fi Network Protection retails for $119, but in addition to the already discounted price, you can also enjoy an extra 15 percent off as part of the Semi-Annual Sale. Just enter the code ANNUAL15 during checkout and you'll knock your final take-home price down to just $84.14.