Comedian pranks the world by pretending to be flight attendant who taped violent bro to seat

As I watched this video of Frontier Airlines flight attendant Alfredo Rivera animatedly describe how he tied up belligerent passenger Maxwell Berry with duct tape, I kept thinking to myself "please let this be real." Of course, the fact that I was thinking that the video seemed too good to be true meant it wasn't true.

It's a parody video, starring comedian The Real Spark, and it's garnered 1.5 million views on YouTube. But many people, including news outlets, thought the video was a real interview with a Frontier flight attendant. I don't blame them, because the video is edited to look like a real news clip and The Real Spark is convincing.

Even though the video isn't genuine, it's still hilarious.

Via Newsweek:

One post of the video on Twitter has 1.4 million views at the time of writing, and was posted with the caption: "Alfredo Rivera is the greatest storyteller of our time."

Piers Morgan, formerly a CNN host in the U.S. and a presenter on Good Morning Britain in the U.K., was among those to share the clip. He wrote: "This is utterly fantastic. We need more people like Alfredo in the world."

As the video has spread, many have interacted with it as though it is a genuine news report.

One user wrote: "I've never heard of Frontier Airlines, but I'll book a flight to just about anywhere immediately if it means I can have this gentleman as my flight attendant!"

Another said: "I would be more than happy to have this gentleman attending any or all my future flights."