Secure your home with over $750 in prime ADT home security equipment for just $30

You probably didn't think about it as a kid, but once you become an adult, it eventually becomes a question that keeps you up at night. "How do I make sure everything I've worked for stays mine?"

Many wrongdoers would love to swoop in and take it all. If your head is turned at the wrong moment, they absolutely will. With that kind of pressure, it's no surprise that a solid home security plan is one of the most important decisions any property owner can make. 

Of course, it doesn't hurt when someone like ADT comes along to help make that decision simple. With this current deal, ADT is offering a package including $750 worth of home security equipment, a collection crafted specifically for your home, all for just $29.88. For the record, that's not a misprint. We didn't mean $298. We meant 29 dollars and 88 cents.

The deal is facilitated through Safe Haven Security Services, which is the largest authorized dealer in ADT's expansive industry-leading network. Once the purchase is made, buyers are immediately issued a $750 voucher to go towards a very serious shopping spree from each and every item in SHSS's array of home security items. With the ability to choose pieces that fit any style of home, shoppers can stock up to soothe their security fears. That means they can pick up a video doorbell for the front door, a security camera for the back door, and broken glass sensors that can be placed around all the accessible windows around the home.

Once your digital arms are fully loaded with all your home security loot, all it takes is a call to ADT to set up an appointment for their trained technicians to swing by and install all those new goodies right to the specs.

Of course, any home security system requires a central hub of some kind to make it all work. But rather than spending voucher money on that, ADT is adding a 7-inch touchscreen panel, another $600 value, to sweeten the deal. And on top of that, they're also including one of their standard ADT monitoring equipment sets, which features sensors to keep an eye on all exterior doors as well as a motion detector to capture movement in a vulnerable area.

Once all your security upgrades are in place courtesy of the certified ADT installers, your home will be certified too as an ADT-monitored home. That's a declaration that might not sound like much, but actually can be used to help you score savings on your homeowner's insurance.

Protect your home now the way you always knew you should with the help of this ADT-Monitored Home Security Voucher, a $750 collection now available for over 90 percent off that total, only $29.88.