Keep the beat with the Soundbrenner Pulse starter pack to make any musician's day

For every Terminator movie documenting every step in how technology is destroying our world and the human race, there's a real-life piece of tech making someone's life better in a little, yet demonstrable way. Sure, killing machines from the future annihilating mankind get all the headlines, but if a little smart device on your wrist made you a better musician, it's worth it. Even if you're not a musician. But if you are, then you'll really appreciate something like this Soundbrenner Pulse Starter Pack.

And yes, the centerpiece of this starter pack is a Soundbrenner Pulse, a fun little wearable that offers a handful of features crafted especially for musicians. It'll help young players improve and even allow experienced players to take their performance up a notch. Or maybe even two.

It looks and feels like a smartwatch, but this smartwatch is smart in the ways of music. Affixed right to a musician's wrist, encircling their literal pulse, this device works like the old traditional metronome, perfectly click-clacking back-and-forth as it establishes a time signature for keeping musicians right smack on the beat every time.

Once you give the Pulse a tip, this slick, stylish wristband starts its steady vibrating tempo at around 120 BPM. Using the outer dial, you can ratchet that up or scale it back down to perfectly match the pace of your particular piece. Armed with this kind of backup, rhythm and pace become second nature, almost involuntary reactions so your thoughts can focus on other aspects of your playing. The thump of the Pulse is stronger, feeling about 7 times stronger than the average vibration of a smartphone, ensuring players never miss the beat.

It syncs to your Android or iOS device app, which boosts its functionality to include changing up the time signatures, note subdivisions, modulate vibration intensity, and even change up the beat duration. And in the multiplayer mode, up to five different Pulses can join together, allowing the entire band to feel the beat and stay in lockstep, just like any tight band should.

Along with the Pulse, the starter pack also includes a Pulse body strap, which allows wearers to put the strap on their chest, thigh, or wherever to feel the vibrations in the most precise way possible. Buyers also get the set of both short and long bands, making the Pulse suitable for wearing on your wrist, ankle, or virtually anywhere.

A truly thoughtful gift for any musician or music lover, this Soundbrenner Pulse Starter Pack includes $129 worth of cool stuff, all on sale for $30 off to drop your final price to only $99.