Become a digital photo master with this Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop training

There are some eternal questions that have kept mankind engaged in philosophical rumination for millennia. Questions like, why are we here? What is consciousness? Is there free will or are all of our actions predetermined? For users of the Adobe Creative Cloud, there's another age-old question that keeps users up at night. If Photoshop does everything, why the heck do I need Lightroom for my image editing?

Oh, you have much to learn yet, young one. Because not only does Adobe Lightroom have some very important uses, it actually does a better job than the vaunted Photoshop in a handful of key tasks. That's all stuff you can learn in training like The Comprehensive Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop Bundle

The collection features courses, actions, presets, and other valuable materials that will not only answer the eternal Lightroom vs. Photoshop question but actually show users how to get the most out of both apps to produce brilliant images and other digital works just like a professional.

It all starts with Decoding Lightroom, a 5-hour video training session that explores everything this powerful image editing and organizing software can actually do. And while its image editing skills are formidable, Lightroom's true expertise comes in its ability to import, export, organize, and catalog images so nothing ever falls through the cracks during your editing jobs.

From understanding saturation, vibrance, and sharpness, to effectively applying color grading, split toning, and other effects to your images, as well as how to use the app's Map, Book, Slideshow, Print, and Web modules, this training is a revelation for any digital image editor.

Meanwhile, the collection also features a truckload of Lightroom presets and Photoshop actions, which can help make dozens of editing processes easier while shaving hours off your editing time. There are Essential Lightroom Presets as well as presets for better landscape images, wedding photos, and even effects that look like the shots were captured on film. There are also Photoshop actions for producing brilliant monochromatic work, vivid portraits, and ultra-sharp depictions of urban settings.

Everything in The Comprehensive Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop Bundle would usually retail for over $450, but as part of this collection, you can get it all now for over 90 percent off that price, down to just $39.99.