"How do you turn this thing off?" asks a live-streamer who can't figure out how to end things

When live-streaming, it's probably a good idea to first know how it all works in case you run into any snags, such as wanting to turn the live recording off. But a Florida woman on American Beach just went for it, live-streaming a group of beach-goers surrounding a hammerhead shark (which was released back into the ocean by local fishermen). And then the hard part came along: "I can't turn this thing off," she said.

She asked a couple of people to help, including her husband who, excited about his own live video of the event, comically just kept telling her to "hit the button" without paying much attention. It didn't help that she was catching glare on her camera screen.

"Oh Lord," she said, squinting hard at one point as she stared at her camera, but to no avail. It took at least two minutes to figure out how to turn the dang thing off. The silver lining was in the stunning clouds she inadvertently caught in the background, which in itself is worth the extra footage. (Confusion starts at 3:47)

Via Yahoo!