Cards Against Humanity's Thanksgiving livestream pits a machine learning model against human joke writers

Cards Against Humanity asked Spencer Kelly to teach a computer to write mean, funny joke-cards for a new, AI-based expansion pack to the game; Kelly trained the popular GPT-2 generative language model (previously) on existing cards, and now the company is livestreaming a 16-hour competition between its AI and its human joke-writers, with a voting system to up/downvote the resulting jokes (at the end of the day, these votes will be "tallied up and thrown in the garbage"). You can choose to buy the resulting packs, and if the human team outsells the robots, it will receive a $5,000 bonus. If they fail, they will all be fired.

Presumably, the last part is a joke (the CAH folks are extremely good eggs and they pull weird pranky stunts every Black Friday).

CAH has also opened a board-game cafe in Chicago with two escape rooms, a full bar, and high-quality kitchen, which is pretty danged exciting.

Cards Against Humanity's Black Friday A.I. Challenge