Record one video, deepfake yourself saying every customer's name is an AI-powered app that lets you record a single video and generate many variations—specifically, the computer deepfakes you saying every name—and thereby pretend to give personalized service to many customers.

Here's a 7-second excerpt from the official marketing video showing it in action:

Recording a personal video for every single name on your list is impossible. With Windsor, you won't have to.

Start with a single video for a single name on your list. For each remaining name, Windsor's AI will edit the video to look and sound like you recorded each video individually.

Unlike emails, videos personalization goes beyond names…

Here's a review and an example posted by Marshall Haas, who sent 10,000 out.

If I was a retail store owner greeting customers at the entrance and someone came to me and offered to place a clone to do the same job, so I could be productive in the back, would I take that offer? Yes.

It's like mass-mailers with your name in a handwriting font, but more unsettling and inveigling. If you have access to this app, have it create one warmly addressing "firstname lastname" and put it online!