Earliest family photo at Stonehenge, from the 1860s, turned up in Queen guitarist's collection

Legendary guitarist, astrophysicist, and photography collector Brian May has found the earliest known family photo taken at Stonehenge, from the 1860s. The image was in his own world-class collection of stereoscopic photos. (Among other photo genres, May has an incredible collection of "diableries," stereoscopic depictions of life in hell.) From the Daily Grail:

…When English Heritage launched "Your Stonehenge: 150 Years of Personal Photos", and challenged the public to find early images of the megaliths, May instigated a search of his own stereoscope image collection – the largest in the world with over 100,000 in his archive.

The image that was uncovered was taken by photographer Henry Brooks of his family enjoying a day out at the ancient monument in the 1860s.