Your kids can control electricity with this cool circuit drawing DIY kit

For many of us, our understanding of some basic universal truths can be a bit limited. We're all busy people, so if your foundational knowledge of how a bill becomes a law comes from three minutes of Schoolhouse Rock, well, it's probably better than nothing.

So, what do you know about electricity? Unless you're a science fan, your repository of electricity facts and information could be restricted to knowing it comes on when you flick a light switch on and shuts off when you flick it off. There might even be some vague recollection of Ben Franklin, a kite, and a key in there somewhere too.

But there's a whole world happening when electricity brings a connection to life. And it's actually pretty darn fascinating, especially to a child. In fact, they probably had no idea that they could actually draw a route and make electricity follow their path. That's just one of the cool, inventive hooks of Circuit Scribe's fun DIY Ultra Kit.

The collection comes with a handful of basic modules to work through, but the heart of this kit merging creativity and science is a sheet of steel, a pen holding conductive ink, and a plain piece of printer paper. Putting the paper over the sheet, the ink can be used to literally draw circuits capable of conducting electricity.

Once they've got the hang of drawing the paths and understanding principles like conductivity, touch-sensitive circuits, timed circuits, and more, kids can then use the other elements featured in the kit, including LEDs, a blinker, a buzzer, a light sensor, and more, to start building projects from the accompanying workbook that puts them in control of the power to make all these creations go.

You can even use these paper circuits to connect to a microcontroller like an Arduino or a microcomputer like a Raspberry Pi and start coding. Pretty cool, huh?

The Circuit Scribe DIY Ultra Kit retails for $99, but right now, it's on sale for over 30 percent off, down to just $68.99.