These whiteboards are the perfect way to keep all your ideas in one place

Got a great idea but nowhere to jot it down? We know you're still throwing away little shards of paper, and we're here to tell you that you're doing organization wrong. If you're not ready to make a commitment to a plan, list, or idea, the whiteboard life may be for you.

Next time you're looking to author something amazing, try these whiteboards on sale to keep your head on straight. Happy writing!

FluidStance Edge Dry-Erase Mini Whiteboard – $59; originally $89

Tired of clutter? Us too. This whiteboard eliminates the need for sticky notes, note pads, and random pieces of paper, and it fits neatly on your desk to use. Got another bright idea? Just flip this whiteboard over and use the reversible side for extra space. It's the most ergonomically appropriate way to put your world into words. 

FluidStance Wall™ Double-Sided, Portable, & Magnetic Whiteboard – $89; originally $99

But, for those of us who like the look of a standup whiteboard, there are still great options. This little guy is also double-sided for enough space that all of your brainchildren to find a home. It's made of stainless steel for a sleek, professional look and is super eco-friendly. Need to bring your bright idea down the hall? No sweat, it's super portable, so even your coworkers can gaze at the next big business venture. 

FluidStance Wedge™ Portable Whiteboard & Pen (3-Pack) – $69; originally $79

Last, but certainly not least, all homes get a little cluttered — this whiteboard helps make sense of the madness. These sit pretty on any countertop or desk and are fully magnetic, so you never lose your trusty marker or magnet for those little flimsy pieces of paper you know you need to save. The best part? You get three of them, so throw one in your bag for school, the office, or just hand them out as gifts (but we would understand if you wanted to keep them to yourself.)