This modernized mbeat turntable is a vinyl lover's dream, and it's $39 off now

Any vinyl fan knows that it can be nearly impossible to pick a great setup among the endless number of them out there. Any person who is thinking about starting a great collection of vinyl is acutely aware of this fact of life. But of course, there's something that's sure to please both the seasoned listener and the brand new enthusiast. No, it's not some vinyl that everyone is set to love. Instead, it's a piece of equipment to make your vinyl experience explode with possibilities. 

That's where the mbeat MB-PT-28 Bluetooth Vinyl Player comes in handy. Sure, as soon as you tell literally anybody that you are interested in collecting vinyl, you almost wish you didn't. Everyone's got strong opinions on the matter. But this device is one that few people know and is sure to wow any collector for both its quality and convenience. Did we mention this little guy is on sale right now? 

All your chicest, most indie friends are sure to be wowed by this phenomenal gadget. You might think a record player is just some archaic technology Jurassic Park-ed back to life, and you'd sort of be right. The MB-PT-28 features a modern twist: Bluetooth tech that lets you stream audio from vinyl straight to your compatible devices. You can also connect it to your computer to save your vinyl collection digitally. 

The MB-PT-28 has a solid metal platter, which means all your favorite records will sound that much better. Plus, if you really want to nerd out, adjustable counterweight and anti-skating force are imperative for tracking record grooves with precision. Finally, the moving magnet cartridge already comes pre-fitted, so you can plug it in and get grooving. 

Regularly $339, you can get the mbeat MB-PT-28 Bluetooth Vinyl Player for only $299.99. Want even more savings? You'll also earn $10 in store credit that will be added to your account when you spend at least $50 in our shop, barring any returns that drop your total below $50.