Youtube removes video of woman playing harp with a distortion pedal because it "endangers children"

Last week, Emily Hopkins ruled Youtube for a day after attaching a roaring distortion pedal to her harp and performing enchanting and extremely hardcore melodies thereof. YouTube removed it citing its "child endangerment" policy.

Hi everyone, I'm sorry to say it may be a little while before the Nepenthes distortion on harp video comes back… I'm doing all I can!! Before you ask, I checked the box stating the video was NOT for children when it was uploaded, as I always do with all my demos. It was all original music made by me, no cursing, no unsafe situations, and nothing involving minors, so this is was the result of someone falsely accusing the video of having dangerous content in it. Not even the mysterious third hand belonged to anyone underage; it was Russ! You guys mean so much to me. Thank you so much for your patience with this. More harp & distortion videos will be coming soon!! Support the channel by getting some MERCH! ⤑

Youtube can remove anything it likes from its own website, but its decisions on what to remove tend to be arbitrary, inconsistent and supplicative, to please people it fears: music industry lawyers, right-wing rage addicts and politicians. The weirdness of the outcomes—harp videos deemed a thread to children!—is caused by terms of service that bind publishers without binding YouTube, and moderation procedures designed to operate with as little human involvement as possible. It adds up to nebulous and evasive policy regime doomed to be constantly exploited by frauds and would-be censors.