This strange metal sphere fell from the sky in Florida

Teresa and Bill Fuhr of Titusville, Florida found this strange object caught in a tree in their yard last month, seemingly having fallen from the sky. They retrieved the sphere and called police to investigate. Local news then sent a photo of the object to the Florida Institute of Technology.

According to Spectrum News, experts from the University "said the shiny globe is likely a weight for a high-altitude weather balloon. Two orange parachutes are attached through the long ribbons."

Meanwhile, the Brevard County Sherrif's Office Bomb Squad arrived and concurred with the weather balloon theory.

(Of course, the Man always tries to dismiss UFO phenomena as weather balloons but we know the truth.)

In any case, the Bomb Squad retrieved the strange sphere and provided the Fuhrs with a receipt. If nobody claims the object, it's finders keepers.