Get a dog DNA kit and a lifetime subscription to DogTV for 70% off

Love your dog more than most people? We feel you. We would do just about anything for our dogs and consider them part of the family. With the DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test + DOGTV: Lifetime Subscription Bundle, dog parents can identify their pup's breed mix — and, more importantly, spoil them with their very own television channel. 

Rescue dogs are the best, but their past is often a mystery. We open our hearts and homes to these exceptional puppy pals, yet can't help but wonder where they came from. Find out your dog's genetic makeup with the DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test, and learn about who they truly are. Simply take a quick swab of your dog's cheek with the DNA swab kit, mail in the sample, and you'll get the results back in less than two weeks. The results will break down the genetic breed compositions so you can better understand future health expectations, personality traits, temperament, and other fun facts. And what better way to celebrate your dog's genealogy reveal than by throwing a paw-ty?

Ever put on the TV or play music for your pets when you leave the house? Well, now there's a scientifically curated television channel guaranteed to keep your dog content while you're away. DOGTV was developed by pet experts to provide a conscious entertainment platform with both audio and visual sensory support. The content is calming, stress-reducing, and especially great for pups with separation anxiety. The colors displayed are tailored to appeal to a dog's unique vision, making the screen extra attention-grabbing for your furry friend. No need to worry about rushing home anymore — except to let your dog out for a potty break; DOGTV can't do that for you.  

Get a glimpse of what the channel has to offer:

Discover your furry BFF's heritage, all while making sure they're living their best, paw-some life. Both the DNA test and DOGTV were designed with a dog's best interest in mind and will benefit both owner and pup for years to come. 

Grab the DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test + DOGTV: Lifetime Subscription Bundle for just $147, originally $503. And if you spend a minimum of $50 in-store, and you'll earn a $10 store credit within 14 days of your purchase (as long as your total exceeds $50 post-returns).

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